Welcome to wiredflow tool documentation!

Wiredflow is an open-source lightweight Python library for configuring ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) pipelines. Designed to create services with multi-step data processing using just Python and nothing more.

The main body of documentation is organized into two large sections:

  • Common description - provides general information about how the library works, what its advantages and limitations are. Also in this section you can find detailed information about the interior of the library;
  • Tutorials - is a step-by-step guide showing from the very beginning how to work with wiredflow and construct own multi-threading or multi-processes services


If you know what is APIs, databases, SQL, ETL, docker (and so on) and would like to get some description of wiredflow - feel free to check Common description, if you don't know what's going on here or just want to start use this tool, go to Tutorials. There you will find both usage examples, and a detailed explanation of the technologies that are used

There is also an "Additional" section with different useful pages. For example, in the "Additional" section you can find information about publications using wiredflow as well as descriptions of real commercial use cases.

In this section there is a page describing how to contribute into library - it is important

Guys, this is open-source, join in!

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